Sunday Special: Microsoft introduces new Learning Tools free for all

Microsoft has just launched their brand-new Learning Tools to enable learners from English all over the world to check their use of the English language more easily in both Microsoft Office (e.g. Word and OneNote) and Windows. For now. the device seems to work only for Office 365 subscribers only). This support might benefit you too! And most conveniently, it’s free for all users. Here at Primary English we would like to point out one particular feature that is helpful for all readers, but especially for those who have a bit of trouble reading large texts or books; the Immersive Reader.

Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader (insluitende lezer in Dutch) helps students navigate text as it reads each line. You can copy and paste any text, or use this tool in conjunction with the Microsoft Edge web browser or other files like ePub or PDF. It also works in Office Lens for iPad/iPhone which you can check out here. In addition to using Immersive Reader in English, Microsoft Learning Tools are available in many different languages. You can view an entire list of available tools in each language here.

The video below demonstrates how Immersive Reader can be used. Also check out the Dictation tool (Speech to Text), and the new Microsoft Translator. Thanks to for the full article.

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